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This school is definitely amazing. My son studies in this school and we are definitely happy for choosing this school. Teachers are very caring and are very efficient. Their methodology of teaching is totally different. Kids are able to learn it in a fun loving way, basically a play and learn method. The food they provide is totally a balanced meal.

Overall my kid enjoys going to school and so do we. Kudos to the Management team and I wish them all success.

The second home for my daughter πŸ™‚ We are blessed to have it near to where we live.

My daughter is truly happy when at Hillside Prep. They offer a creative and supportive environment.There's real alchemy in that very special place. The ingredients are all there – the endless kindness, the thoughtfulness, the imagination, the fun, the skill and technique, the reassuring blend of modernity and glorious timelessness. it is a little jewel box of a school that is overflowing with love, goodwill, simple and traditional values, and joy. Teachers are so kind, sweet, patient, understanding, fun, imaginative, creative and, among so many other things, comforting. I sound like a dictionary, but you are all nothing but fantastic.

The Hillside Prep is truly one of a kind and deserves its status as a most beloved and revered school in Coimbatore.

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Monica Murphy
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The first thing that strikes you as you enter the school is the colorful and delightful ambience of the buildings and surroundings. Your first impression is the confidence you get that children will be happy in this atmosphere. As you walk around the school, the cleanliness is reassuring

The quality of the food and the hygienic kitchen is very impressive. A lot of thought has gone into the choice of menu, keeping in mind that it is for children. The taste and variety is commendable. The children seem to be enjoying the school food

The teaching faculties with whom I interacted are qualified professionals and motivated, giving personal attention to each child. The approach to teaching the children appears to be of international standard with the faculty being trained and coached periodically by foreign experts.

To sum it up, the school has an excellent vision for the future and children are happy enjoying extracurricular activities which are perfectly balanced with studies. I wish the school all the best.

We are very happy to have joined my daughter in The Hillside Prep school. We thank The Hillside Prep team for the great service you provide, and the life skills that you teach her. It is fantastic that she, after this 6 months, slowly started to communicate in English.

We are very satisfied with your facilitators, and other employees. I'm very much impressed with your educational methods and the impact that it has led to in my child's behaviour. Good work!

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Poornima Gokulnath
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Hi there.

Most of you would have already heard so much good things about The Hillside Prep's Highly sophisticated campus, Biometrics security system, Sodexo kitchen, EYFS curriculum, Pragmatism in education, Well trained facilitators & caretakers and many more.

Like other students' parents from this school say, Chose The Hillside Prep is one of the best decisions we have made for our son Hero's early life. We are very thankful found them.

Before schooling, Hero was a normal kid just like his peers.

After he started at Hilside, besides his academics, we could gradually see the good difference such as he is Respectful, Deciplined, Creative, Socialize, Team player and Lead his mixed age group sometimes. These changes are obvious and truly remarkable.

The Hillside Prep mixed age group ideology (ages 3 to 6) has helped his desires to learn what/how the older children learn, understand, think, react & lead. This has increased the interest of his love of learning.

In addition, at Hilllside the children have almost no homework, so they are fresh and ready to learn the next day. After school, they have time to play and just be kids!

We drop our child off everyday knowing that he is not only in the best hands, but most capable as well.”

A five day summer camp at The Hillside Prep made me enrol my son in The Hillside Prep from another school. That is the confidence that The Hillside Prep gives us parents. At The Hillside Prep attention is given to every single detail, right from the curriculum, extra curriculars, hygiene,physical fitness,the cleanliness of the restrooms. The school has a kid-friendly,secure,pleasing ambience. The most important aspect is the amazing individual attention given to the kids. Each day is filled with a variety of activities that make the kid look forward to coming to school. Their staff are highly experienced and understand their wards very well. They really give meaning to β€˜ out of the box learning. Rather than stuffing the kids with knowledge, they are made to think assess and evaluate thereby enhancing overall development. Gardening, songs, shlokas, public speaking,nature visits, orphanage visits,everything is part of the curriculum.

My son’s confidence level has gone up a lot of notches. Kids are taught kindness, adjustment,and empathy. Wholesome meals including all varieties are introduced in an interesting manner. If we want our kids to develop as wholesome individuals,then The Hillside Prep is the place to go. I as a parent vouch for it.

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Arthi Senthilnathan