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The Hillside Prep

The Hillside Prep rests on a one-acre campus amidst sprawling trees and greenery. Our school boasts of some very well-thought out and distinctive learning spaces. Our fear- free learning environment offers learners a diverse selection of developmental tools, strategies and media which enable deep learning and understanding.

At The Hillside Prep, we offer the EYFS at the Pre Primary level and the Cambridge (Proposed) curriculum from Grade 1 onwards.

The objective of our school is provide a plethora of opportunities and challenge our students intellectually and physically to prepare them to excel in “Life Beyond Schools”.

At The Hillside Prep, we believe that the role of education goes beyond just teaching the content. We need to emphasise on the application of the concepts taught in real life as well. With this in mind, we have designed our approaches to teaching which revolves around imparting knowledge, skills and values in a very pragmatic way.

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