best kids school in coimbatore

School Life

The Hillside Prep rests on a one-acre campus amidst sprawling trees and greenery. Our school boasts of some well-thought out and distinctive spaces for the child to learn and explore.


best learning environment for kindergarten

Keeping in mind the student – teacher ratio being 12:1, the classrooms are spacious, well designed and have an informal setup. Our Air-conditioned classrooms are well ventilated, as most of the time we enjoy the outside climate too.


school playground

Playing will never be the same for children. Our play zone comprises of state-of-the-art equipment that will cater to a child’s various developmental needs. There are specific learning spaces designed within the zone. Thus, it gives space for both, structured and free play.


school kitchen garden

Utmost importance and thought has been put by the school to provide our children with an organic, well- balanced, nutritious meal prepared in our Kitchen that matches with world class standards. We use organic ingredients to the best possible extent of 85%.


preschool extracurricular activities

Designated collaborative spaces for Science & Intelligence, Survival & Life-Skills, Art & Craft, Dance & Role play will further strengthen and enhance the teaching learning process. This space is specially designed for mixed group classes. Here, children get to develop and enhance their communication and collaboration skills and learn about the much required Life skills.


Kids school organic farm

To cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility, we have come up with a unique space – The Organic Farm. Children will be guided and instructed on the basics of organic farming. Children are the owners and care takers of the farm. Right from sowing the seeds to taking care of the plant on a daily basis, our children ensure that they grow their plants organically. The produce from this farm is sold to the kitchen by our children.